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      I have changed my importing method to importing my images as dng.


      I have just started my second download and experienced the same problems both times.


      The images come off the camera and into LRCC.  I then move them to the folder I want them stored.  All files don't transfer and I get a message that 8 files didn't move as they cannot be found.  Its strange as the image profiles for the missing files are on the screen.


      At the top right of my screen it says I have 3 operations on the go. 


      One is moving the files to the folder; the other is building a search index; and the third converting to dng.


      The move indicator line activates the quickest and completes the task (except for not finding the lost files).


      Both the building the search index and converting to dng indicator lines freeze.  This time it was at 38 of 256.  Its frozen at the start of the images that are listed as missing.  I deleted the missing profiles but this did not induce the search index or dng activations to recommence.


      Its been a couple of hours now since i started the import and 38 of 256 remains.


      Can anyone help me sort this out please.




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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          You should use the LR import feature to copy the images to the correct folder at the time of importing. you do that in the section labeled "Destination" in the right hand panel of the import dialog.


          Converting images to DNG can be time consuming. If you are attempting to move images around into different folders before the import and converting to DNG process has completed this can confuse both LR and Tie up your system.

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