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    Missing folder/images after importing

    Rookie Phil

      I imported 205 RAW images to Lr yesterday, and now they have the photo is missing icon in Library and, in Develop, a message that the photo could not be found.


      I wasn't aware that I had done anything differently from previous imports, although I believe that, during the import process, I forgot to select 'Copy' instead of 'Add' at the top of the window (I was a tad tired).


      I've looked at a couple of suggestions from help/tutorials but I'm stymied when I get to the end of the process of tracing the folder/image back to the original location.  Instead of the name of the folder/image, I'm confronted with three choices, none of which it will let me select/choose in order to move on.  These are: 'Lightroom Catalogue.lrcat'; 'Lightroom Catalogue...ws.lrdata'; and 'Lightroom Catalogue.lrcat.zip'.


      I'd welcome any suggestions, please.