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    After Effects - Total Failure?

    MadMaddox1975 Level 1

      My After Effects (14.2.1) has completely failed as of 8/4/17.  At start up there is a huge white screen covering what used to be normal dark startup graphic background.  Then, I open a project, the work is in the timeline but there is no preview image in the viewer area at all.  Then attempting to play anything or touching a function crashes the program.  And or, dragging the window edges creates error delay graphic copies of the window frames on the screen eventually crashing.  Messing around with it long enough will fully disable it from starting at all past the opening graphic screen.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and have set my Dell 8920 back to factory settings and then updated Windows 10 to current and still eventual complete failure in After Effects (14.2.1).  Has anyone else experienced this recently?