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    "Importer Reported a Generic Error" Please Help me...


      Hello Everyone,


      I just recently got Elements 15 and It has worked fine for me up until now.

      I am using it to edit vlogs shot from an IPhone 5 and, as a result, I am primarily working with a lot (Usually about 200) smaller clips per video. What I do while editing is import the clips in Chronological order and edit through them and then load in the next bunch. Recently, though I am having an issue loading in some files.


      I'll import a full day of clips (Here its only about 20 clips) and Elements says it cant import about half of them and only explains "Importer Reported a Generic Error," which probably wins the award for least helpful error message I've ever received.


      What is so weird to me is that all of the clips I am importing were shot on the same camera on the same day and are pretty much identical in format, yet it is randomly choosing some clips that are fine to import and some that are having errors. I cannot figure out the variable.


      I have seen a similar post to this one where someone recommended clearing out the Media Cache Files and I tried that to no success.


      I am really hoping that I am missing one thing that will fix this and that I don't have to go through and change all of the clips individually, as I really try to edit this stuff as quickly as I can.


      if ANYONE has any suggestions that would be insanely appreciated!

      Thanks so much and happy editing!