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    Loss of quality when exporting to jpeg




      I have noticed that when I export an image that I have edited in Lightroom 6, using 100% Quality setting, there is a loss of quality in the output file, or rather when viewing the exported jpeg in Windows Photo viewer ( Windows 7) or Photos in Windows 10.


      This is not always that noticeable, however with certain images, the result has a very negative impact on the appeal of the exported image.


      An example is a photo of a bird with a red eye. On the Lightroom screen, it is shining brightly and make the photo look stunning.

      However when viewing the exported jpeg with Windows viewer, the eye looks very dull and the sparkle that gave the image such appeal is gone,

      making the photo look very mediocre.


      Is there a solution to being able to view jpeg images outside of Lightroom and still get a top quality image?


      I have 3 22" LED LG HD monitors monitors and have tried it on every monitor and the problem is evident on all 3 monotors (the settings of which are as close to the same as I could get them).


      Any advice would be welcome.