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    PSD to SVG for whiteboard video animation

    marcylmiller Level 1


      I'm looking to take a very simple black and white line drawing created in PSD and convert it into a SVG for use in Explaindio, a simple white board animation software. I can convert the picture to SVG in PS but when I import it to Explaindio,  it does not actually draw the picture--it just appears. I believe I had found a tutorial on youtube several months ago that walked me through several steps to save the drawing in Photoshop in such a way that the animation software would draw out the picture but cannot find it again. I do believe this is possible to do in Illustrator but I am less familiar with that software. Any help/suggestions quite welcome. I am very much a novice in this area so not fully understanding what the difference is in just saving something as an SVG and saving it SVG so it has enough information to "draw" the image--I am just aware that something more needs to happen to the images than I am doing.

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