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    Image Sequence Issues


      Hello - Need some help. I am trying to open a series of images that have been renamed into a sequence as a sequence in PSCC, When I go to options no matter how I have named the images and only selecting the first the sequence option is greyed out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          I have never user this feature. I just tried. If I highlight more then one image in the open file dialog the image sequence checkbox in the bottom of the dialog grays out.  If I highlight one itr does not gray out.  So I just highlighted one to see what happens.  It did not seem to matter which image  I highlighted.  Photoshop seemed to have its own agenda about which file were in a sequence.  I received two pop up dialogs about frame rate and a notice that there were gaps.  So you may have to segregate  the sequence of images iton its own folder.  A video layer seemed to be created in Photoshop.


          Isolating the 6 images I took for a pano and using image sequence seemed to work without gaps


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            Hi Adam, I struggled with the same problem in PS CS6 (locally installed on OSX), not sure if it applies to you, but after some investigation (and luck) I figured out that I had to disable jpeg support in Camera Raw Preferences in Adobe Bridge to get this working! If you don`t, PS will say that jpeg´s are RAW-files (in the "format" pull down menu in the open window). Hope this is helpful!


            All the best from Knut