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    Problem publishing .fla file to .swf in Fash

    NXTmike Level 1
      This just started happening to a flash website I've been working on, and I had no problems previewing and publishing the file until now. In the 'publish settings' dialogue, I have the .swf and .html file extensions checked, but when I click to publish the file, it only generates a .html file and not a .swf file.

      This is really odd because to my understanding any .fla file can be published to .swf with no problem. Also, when I try to publish other .fla files, it publishes it to a .swf with no problem. It must be some kind of bug/problem with this one file I've been working on. Any solutions/reasons to why this is happening.

      for the record I have Adobe Flash CS3 Professional (9.0) running on Windows XP
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          J.Rocker Level 1
          That's strange.

          Does ctrl + enter preview your fla correctly?

          i believe that when you preview your project it makes a swf, too.

          Good luck!
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            I have flash game sends final score to jsp file which will save this score into database. It was working with no problem and I can run the game from any location in my laptop but now I can not. When I click the html file to load the flash it works but when comes to VarSend.sendAndLoad(“file.jsp”, “post”); a new windows popped up saying “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” although the path file is correct and in the same folder with the flash file. However, when I start tomcat and type the path using “ http://localhost” it works fine.
            My os is windows vista.
            Why I am facing this problem is it related to any security or browser restriction? Please help me …. What shall I do to return it work as before?!!!

            Thanks for any concern