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    Restaurant management  app with some PDAs

    strix uralensis Level 1

      I was asked to make an application for a restaurant, following this basic scenario:

      The waiter will take the order from customer on PDA, then printer in the bar should print out the drinks and printer in the kitchen should print out the meals. Later on the the waiter will charge the customer and print out the receipt. In the back office manager should see all the orders and products in stock in the database.

      Is it possible to make this somehow with Flex/Air ? I've got experience building web apps with Flex/ Coldfusion, but this has to run locally.

      OK, there could be one Air app running on the local machine in the back office which would work with the database & printers and second Air app installed on the PDA just to send the order.

      But how can the PDA app communicate with the main app when there is no server ? Some kind of LocalConnection via wireless network ?

      Thanks in advance for any tips or hints on this.