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    How to save graphic styles to use in another muse project?

    Adrian Gallo Level 1

      I downloaded a muse template from themeforest some time ago and it came loaded with a bunch of great graphic styles.  Delays, slide ins, fades, zooms, hover effects, etc.  Recently I downloaded another predesigned template off themeforest for another website I am building.   I would love to use the graphic styles of my previous project in this new project I am working on.  How does one go about saving graphic styles from one muse project to use in another muse project?  Not a newbie to Muse but not an expert by any means.  Am I simply copying the .css .js files from one library to another?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  Been scouring the internet for over an hour and can't find an answer to a question I would think would have been asked before.


      Many thanks!