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    Module loading with preloader

    flexBeginner2008 Level 1
      I need some help and maybe some suggestion regarding what I am trying to do. I am not ever sure I respect the best practices, but here is my problem much more simplified then it really is:

      I have an application with a custom preloader that loads a module. The module has several features that are set recording to the info taken from database (like position of elements in the page). So, what I need is that preloader to be unloaded only after the module is completely ready (ModuleEvent Ready is called earlier). Is there any possibility to this without loosing the independence between the module and application (because I could call from the module a function of the application, but this way the module would depend on the application).

      Or, what I would prefer, but don't know if is possible, could I have a preloader while loading on a module? This would be useful if I want to load the module even if I am not on the phase of initialization of the application.

      I hope I made myself clear. Any help would be strongly appreciated.