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    is there a limit to flv size?


      i'm trying to import png sequences into the timeline of a movie clip in my fla file. there are 18 sequences, each consisting of 500 frames. the problem is, after importing the first 3 without a problem, flash started to crash while importing the 4th one. i've tried splitting that sequence into 5 groups (each 100 frames), but after importing the first 200 frames, flash starting crashing again.

      my question is, is there a limit to the file size of the fla file? or a limit to the number of frames a movie clip could have? this is not gonna work on the web, so the file size is not a problem for me.

      thank you for your help,
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          fermp Level 1
          There might not be a "limit" to how many you can import, however there is almost definately a limit on how much your computer will be able to handle in memory. Can you tell us why you are using .png instead of .flv? Or maybe what you are trying to accomplish?

          One thing you can do if you have to do the .png thing is create a "stub" flash file which would load the seperate 18 sequences. This way you can create 18 seperate .fla files and then only load what you need when you need it. Make sense?

          -Good luck