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    Looking to Activate Custom Panels via Keyboard Shortcut + Keyboard Listeners when Panel is Active

    ETorr Level 1

      This may well a couple of feature requests, but looking forward to getting some feedback...


      In the interest of building more robust and flexible custom HTML panels, we were looking for ways to achieve the following:

      1 - Activate and give focus to a custom panel via keyboard shortcut.

      2 - Once activated and in focus that custom panel's key listeners (keystroke, keyup, keydown) can be coded to either take precedent over PPro's keyboard shortcuts or not.


      The goal is to get the above two to work in concert so as to create workflows that would allow 100% keyboard driven functionalities, along the lines of:

      - Call the Custom Panel via PPro shortcut

      - Run the Panel's function (or suite of functionalities) via keystrokes

      - Release control back to PPro and Return to regular PPro kb by exiting Panel focus

      Imagine rapid fire: keystroke to activate, use, and release.


      So far we've been unable to do this.


      A - Haven't found a way or workaround to assign the ability to open & give focus to a custom panel via keyboard shortcut

      B - Haven't found a way to make custom panel key listeners reliably detect keystrokes even when they are in focus..


      So far we've tried by way of the CSInterface binding listed here:


      and via standard HTML5/JS bindings

      document.body.addEventListener / document.addEventListener.


      Occasionally they work, but not reliably.


      We're on Mac OS