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    Online Publishing failing when I change videos to have fullscreen option - Urgent Help Needed

    piad42149576 Level 1

      Help! I am on a tight deadline for a client for an e-book we are publishing with Online Publishing. I LOVE this feature and so far have not encountered many issues. However, when I just changed my media settings on the 5 videos I have linked in the file include the Fullscreen mode (as my clients requested this option on the videos) the upload is now failing. It get most of the way through the upload then fails. So here are some specs:


      It is a 14 page document set to spreads. It is an online brochure for a wealth management team and the design is lovely - and an important aspect.

      It contains buttons through out to navigate to other pages and url's - plus to pop up content in rollover state 

      This file also have 5 media files in MP4 format - each are between 150-200MB each although only a few minutes long each. I left them in a larger size so fullscreen mode would play at the best quality.


      If anyone can please answer this as soon as possible I would be so grateful. My client is presenting this to her company executives in 36 hours - eek!


      Thanks so much.