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    photoshop cc 2017 recovery not working

    bijouz Level 1

      Before in version cc 2015 my settings were to save every 5 minutes.Whenever photoshop crashed, when I started it up again, it would open a copy of the file I was working on in the last saved state.In photoshop cc2017 I set the same preferences but that does not work.When PS crashes and I start it up again, no file opens.


      Anyone has an idea why not?
      thanks in advance

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Find out where your user ID Photoshop version AutoRecover folder is.  Open Photoshop open a file into a document in Photoshop. Make a change to the document do not save it.  Wait the autorecover time set in your Photoshop preferences the look in the folder to see if a PSB file has been created tor recovery.


          Every version of Photoshop you have installed  or had installed has an AutoRecover folder.  Make sure you look in the correct folder.  I use CC 2014 so I backup that Photoshop version preferences once in a while when its working well.....



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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            I just checked mine for CC 2017 and found the location C:> Users > UserName > AppData Roaming Adobe > AdobePhotoshopCC 2017 > AutoRecover was empty, so it appeared not to be saving the files, which puzzled me.


            I did a bit of searching and found the auto recovery files on the disk being used as the first scratch disk (in my case this is D:)

            There were located in D: > PSAutoRecover > UserName


            I hope that helps



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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              The AutoRevover folders are normally empty. And I have read others find their user Id auto recovery folders are on other disk other than their boot disk.  So I think how Photoshop is installed may influence where these folders may be created. Years ago I stopped fighting where Applications get installed.  I let application installer install applications into their default locations on the machines boot disk.  I keep all my data and image files on external USB 3 disks. My user Id Appdata is located on the boot disk as is user temp space. I boot from SSD. If the SSD is large I will allow Photoshop's first scratch disk to be on the SSD as well.   You do not want your boot disk to fill up. I have seen Photoshop  use ovet 100GB of temp and scratch space.....

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                bijouz Level 1

                indeed,I found  the autorecover folder is on my scratch disk.And yes, I looked and it does create a recover file.But before when photoshop crashed,  as soon as I restarted photoshop, it would startup the recovered file.Now it does not anymore.But anyway, happy to know where it is at least.Thanks!