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    Camera Raw 9.12 - Adjustment Brush Pins Missing


      Hi All,


      I am at a loss, recently the pins (marking the adjustments made on the image) in the adjustment brush tab of Camera Raw have disappeared. I have visible adjustments made (i.e. I can hit to preview changes and see that there are visible adjustments on the image) but there are no pins to mark where the adjustment has been made.


      This makes it impossible for me to click on a pin to copy the settings to a new brush (on another image, for example) or to switch between pins and perhaps delete an earlier adjustment (would have to clear all and start again).


      Is there a way to turn the pins on and off? Or is this something that happened in a recent update? I am using version 9.12, opening images from adobe bridge into ACR to then open into photoshop.


      Thanks in advance