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    NullPointerException when trying to use a swagger FormDataModel

    pgleghorn@virtusapolaris Level 1

      Hi Folks,

      I'm getting this NPE in error.log when trying to create a forms Data Integration from a FormDataModel using a Swagger REST service;


      Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: null

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.rest.service.SwaggerUtils.getDataModel(SwaggerUtils.java:496)

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.rest.service.SwaggerUtils.getDataModels(SwaggerUtils.java:218)

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.rest.service.SwaggerUtils.getMetaData(SwaggerUtils.java:102)

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.rest.service.RestConnector.getDataModels(RestConnector.java:108 )

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.rest.service.RestConnector.getDataModels(RestConnector.java:92)

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.service.ConnectorManager.getSchemas(ConnectorManager.java:124)

              at com.adobe.aem.dermis.core.service.slingmodel.FormDataModelManager.getSchemas(FormDataMode lManager.java:507)

              ... 126 common frames omitted


      Prior to this, creation of the FormDataModel succeeds fine. It looks like this (the swagger file is provided, and basic auth is used):


      Creation of the DataIntegration succeeds also:

      . The NPE occurs when clicking Open to edit the newly created DataIntegration, I get this error on-screen:




      Any suggestions what the issue may be?



      The bundle providing this class is:


      Symbolic Nameaem-dermis-core
      Bundle Locationjcrinstall:/libs/fd/dermis/install/aem-dermis-core-1.0.46.jar
      Last ModificationSun Aug 06 14:07:39 BST 2017
      VendorAdobe Systems Incorporated
      DescriptionAEM Forms Dermis Core
      Start Level20


      Note, I'm able to create a standalone java client from this swaggerfile and query the backend service, so as best I can tell the swaggerfile is ok. The definition is here https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/pgleghorn/PegaAPI/v1 for anyone interested.


      I am using AEM with Forms CFP1, on Windows 10 with Java 1.8.0_131.