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    Captive catch [Unable to tether Canon EOS80D with LR5]


      I am using lightroom 5 and I can not perform the capture linked with my Canon EOS80D, the program does not accept camera settings, nor does it accept commands. I've updated the program, updated the camera firmware, moved all the settings that Adobe has instructed, but it does not work, can anyone give me tips on what to do? Thanks

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          You will have to upgrade to Lr6.  Tethered capture for the 80d was first included in Lr6.6.  You could also use the Canon software to capture and then use a "watched folder" in Lr5 to automatically import the photos But only if you are shooting JPG.  You need Lr6.5 to even import RAW photos from the 80d.