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    Directly access fields in Transform panel

    PleaseWork1978 Level 1

      I want individual scripts that directly accesses the individual parts of the transform panel, later key commands will be applied to each script.


      For instance, ⌃⌥H place the cursor directly into the horizontal scale input area, ⌃⌥V places the cursor in the vertical scale area, ⌃H may place the cursor directly in the height area, etc.


      That way, through the individual scripts, at the touch of a button I can quickly enter or adjust current values for frame and/or image dimensions.


      I want the transform panel to show every time one of the scripts is ran, whether it’s currently showing or not, in order to enter the values of coarse (versus a separate dialogue window).


      Tried doing this with apple script and failed completely, I have no real scripting experience whatsoever.



      Any help is appreciated.