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    Assets "Checking for update" (forever)


      The 'Assets' tab on the Creative Cloud Desktop application is always "Checking for update"CheckingForUpdate.jpg

      Typekit ON/OFF preferences are greyed out.


      Typekit fonts are not syncing.


      Application installation stay on 99%. After restarting the computer they report as installed.

      In the example below Photoshop Illustrator InDesign all hung at 99% and are useable after restarting the computer except Acrobat DC which stuck at 85% and is now usable after restarting the computer.



      Things I have tried to fix the issues:

      1. Uninstalled All Adobe applications and reinstalled everything.
      2. Uninstalled everything using 'AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool.exe' and reinstalled everything.
      3. Uninstalled just the CC desktop software using 'Creative Cloud Uninstaller.exe' and reinstalled the latest version (proof below).
      4. Spent 30 mins watching support use remote desktop software trying to fix it with no luck.