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    Need some serious publishing help!!!!


      I am trying to publish my training presentation and it's a nightmare at this point. When I preview my presentation it looks great but when I publish it that's when the nightmare begins.

      1. I inserted a YouTube video. The video disappears when I publish the presentation and all I have is a blank screen.

      2. I inserted two scenarios. When I publish the presentation, the introduction slide locks and I can't advance the slide. I have to close out the presentation in order to get out of the slide. Even when I edit the slide and change lock slide from no to yes, the slide still locks.

      3.  I inserted a certificate on the last slide for my staff to type in their name and print out so they can get credit for the training. When I publish all I have is a blank screen.

      Operating system: Windows 8 x64

      Office 2013

      I've tried using different browsers and have the same issue in all of them.

      Flash player: added trusted site c:\