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    iPhone 7 Plus Lightroom Mobile edit in PC Photoshop?

    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

      My wife and I have Creative cloud Subscriptions.  We use Photoshop and do not install Lightroom and have no desire to install Lightroom on our PC.  My wife just got a cell Phone an iPhone 7 Plus.  Lightroom Mobile has a Camera feature that will create Camera RAW DNG files.    Can she use Lighrroom Mobile and it Camera to shoot RAW  DNG files and edit the DNG file in Photoshop on her PC  which does not have Lightroom installed.    Can Photoshop get at the DNG Files that Lightroom mobile snyc to her Adobe cloud account?  Or  does she need to install a IOS camera app like ProCamera on her phone shoot raw and fine some app to transfer the dng files to her PC?