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    Draw storage issue on mobile devices resolved?

    Andreas Mann

      Hi there


      I am using Adobe draw on a newly bought Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with 32GB storage plus a 64GB SD-card, so there should be plenty of space for both the app and the projects. However, my very first project took up 31GB of storage space (with just 6 layers and not complicated line work)!!! I managed to transfer the project to AI desktop version, uninstalled Adobe draw and reinstalled the app. However, now I am working on a new project and with just 4 layers and very basic line work (few strokes) and it already takes up more than 150MB of space. I don't have any other projects on my tablet. Could this issue be resolved by the Draw team in the meantime? It scares me a bit to think about having to uninstall and reinstall the app every time I work on just one project. Would be sad having to drop this cool app just because it's not working properly and allowing me to work while I am travelling.

      Thank you in advance for your help.


      Many regards



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          I responded on your other post but am pasting it here as well.




          You should definitely not have to uninstall/reinstall the app every time you work on a project. Then again, I've not ever heard of this being an ongoing issue. A couple of things you can try:


          First sign in with your Adobe ID to Adobe Creative Cloud and check that all your work is being synced. While you're there, also check the Archive folder, Adobe Creative Cloud; if there's work in there, go ahead and delete it. 


          Also, try clearing the application cache on your device by going to Android settings and selecting Draw.


          Then I would try reinstalling once more. If you have the same problem again, contact me through the in-app feedback so I can get really complete device information from you so I can ask the product engineers to take a look at the problem.


          Let me know how things go.

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            Andreas Mann Level 1

            Dear Sue


            I appreciate your fast answer and your suggestions. I will do as you recommend. First I deleted the cache on my device. However before uninstalling the app I will finish my current project as far as possible and then transfer it to AI desktop version since I love the intuitive way of the app . Once I cleared the archive and deleted/reinstalled the app I will check how it is going and if necessary I will contact you via the in-app feedback.


            Thanks again and have a great day.



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              Andreas Mann Level 1

              Hi Sue


              Just a little update on the storage issue above. After reading through other forums connected to samsung tablets I found out that installed applications can create a significant amount of cache files, especially system cache files (sys dump). It is necessary to regularly clear all cache from the device (for instance via a cache cleaning application). Then the storage usage can be kept more or less under control. However it seems that Adobe Draw creates a lot of cache files, also system cache files, which might be good to observe.

              Else I can manage my storage issue now.


              Thanks again for your help.


              Many regards



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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi Andreas.


                Thanks for posting this. I always forget that clearing the cache on Android devices really helps. Also, it's never a bad idea, after you've deleted work, to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud and clear out that Archive folder.


                I'm glad everything's working consistently for you again.