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    Graphics Style issue


      hiii guysss..


      i am facing a problem while applying graphics style.. that is when i selected multiple object(rectangle) and i apply graphics style, then its turn all rectangle with same image..( pls check the images..  first one is before applying graphics Style  ) actually i need to apply same graphics style  to all those rectangle.  how to do that..


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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          I tried the same and also failed.

          But, what do you need a graphic style for? If you select all pictures you can set all settings you need

          Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-06 um 22.42.33.png

          size of the frames, etcetera, at once for all frames and that´s it.


          Does this help?


          Best Regards,


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            Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

            Your "images" aren't placed images. You are using images as a fill of a rectangle. A fill is an attribute of a container and therefore is is – like every attribute (stroke, background colour, corner radius, opacity, …) – taken over into a graphic style.

            If you place images, a graphic style doesn't adopt the image, because in this case it is not an attribute, but a content.

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              jithb71721779 Level 1

              its right.. when I place image its working perfectly..

              but my doubt .. when I place an image and also fill a rectangle fill(F), 'the Current selection type'  will be same (showing as Image Frame) why its like that ?


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                Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                Yes (and no):

                A fill has nothing to do with the object type. You can fill image containers, rectangles, buttons, text frames, composition targets, composition triggers, menu backgrounds, and …, and …, and …)

                Placed images need (or already have) an image container. This is the „crossed out“ rectangle tool in the toolbar.

                You may nevertheless fill an image container with a background image, which will be visible, if no image is placed into it.


                You can create a „normal“ rectangle, which can be filled with an image. But you can’t place an image into such a rectangle. (Filled) Rectangles can be scaled unproportionally, image frames can’t – or better: only, if they (a) don’t contain a placed image or (b) only contain a fill image.


                The disadvantages of filling a frame with image:

                • You can’t add keywords to fill images, because HTML conventions define fills as a simple „decoration“.
                • Regarding graphic styles: A fill is considered to be an attribute, what means, that fills will be transferred to other elements if applying a graphic style.

                The advantage of  filling a frame with an image:

                • The element (a rectangle, a text frame or an image frame without a placed image) can be scaled deliberately, not only proportionally.

                Sounds complicated? Just try it and ask, if there are further questions.

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                  jithb71721779 Level 1

                  thanks dearrrr