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    Need help identifying a license plate


      Last Wednesday two guys started 2 fires on my property and drove off. I have night vision cameras but trying to extract a moving vehicle's plate is impossible, right?  Well I'm not so sure. I've identified the best frame of the video and I can see my state's name Massachusetts and the 6 symbols below. Beside fooling around with basic things like brightness, contrast, exposure, sharpening etc. Does anyone have an idea for an advanced method to lift the numbers?  Is there a method to darken certain pixels globally?  I know basically where the numbers or letters are. The gorilla technique I will try is individually darkening the darker pixels. Anyone have a better method?  My 86 year old father who is bedridden was near the fire. He would not have been able to get up had the house caught fire. Police and fire are investigating but in a high crime area this is going to be low priority to them. So any help would be appreciated.