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    Asian/Russian characters & Input Text Fields

    parkavedavinci Level 1
      I've created a multi-lingual flash application - 12 supported languages, all display BEAUTIFULLY ... the problem is 2 input text fields that are in the app.

      Both fields have default text in them ( for example: "Enter Email Here..." ) - this text is displayed in the appropriate language and font ... when I user clicks to focus on the text field, the default text clears out and the user is able to type - except, on the double-byte languages ( chinese, russian, thai, korean, & japanese) only english characters show up from the keyboard input.

      This ONLY happens on a Windows/PC box. When I do the input from my Mac, it works as desired. I had a friend with a Russian Windows XP install attempt to write txt and she received the same result.

      Is there something different I should be doing? Fonts for the fields are set to use the system fonts ( _sans )...

      Thanks in advance! I really appreciate any responses.