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    Download photos to lightroom


      I am attempting to download pictures to lightroom. I understand they will be stored on my external hard drive and only referenced in lightroom. I had just downloaded one sd card from a trip o/s and everything went to plan. then I inserted second sd card and attempted to download and this is where the system goes to sleep. Same photo file from sony camera, same catalogue settings etc. I recall when closing the program down after waiting for several minutes I saw another lightroom screen appear with the download activity screen operating as normal. this second screen then closed down automatically. I have not been able to reproduce this.

      My first thoughts are lightroom will not download duplicates, so I unchecked this box. I have checked the hard drive for the images but they have not been downloaded. I have checked the lightroom catalogue after removing the sd card from my mac, and the images are not recorded there.  In the import screen, on the right hand destination screen it shows all of the images that I am attempting t download and all images are checked in the main screen.


      I hope that there is a simple fix for this. Thanks for any help. Eric.