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    PDF to XLSX converter error: line missing


      PDF to XLSX converter error: line missing


      Our workflow requires to convert a pdf file (with tables and data) into other managable formats, to end in csv.

      We want to convert from pdf to xlsx with the exporting tool, but we get an error: some lines are missing.

      We are speaking about the first or last lines, that only in some cases disappear in the conversion.


      We inquired it and found out how in the DOCX conversion it leaves these lines in the header or footer, but

      in the conversion to xlsx it misses them.

      Strangely, it takes the bad lines of the first page, inclusive of logo and such, but it misses them from the second.

      Being it a several hundred page document, it is not possible to correct it manually every time.


      Is there a property or some setting that is needed to include these information in the conversion?

      Thanks in advance for the help!


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