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    Adobe Digital Editions with several books need to be moved to a new PC


      Dear All,


      I have installed Adobe Digital Editions when I bought a book. After a bought other books also.

      Now we are doing a HW refresh in our enterprise. So I got a new PC.

      The old PC will get dismissed. Now I need to move Adobe Digital Editions to the new PC together with the books.

      Installation of Adobe Digital Edition is no problem. Today I registered also with Adobe Digital Editions.

      But now I need to move the books also.

      Our helpdesk asked me to disinstall the licences of the book on the old PC and install after the books on the new PC.

      But they do not know how to achieve this.

      Could you pls tell us, how we can disinstall the licences of the books on the old PC and reinstall the licences on the new PC.

      I imagine that disinstalling the licences I will get a new licence for every book. But how should I proceed ?

      Thank you very much

      kindest regards


      Reinhard Voglmaier

      my e-mail is: reinhard.e.voglmaier@gsk.com