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    Importing JPG Files to LR Mobile


      I have historically been a RAW shooter but lately I've been making an effort to "get things right" with my in-camera JPGs to eliminate the time I spend post-processing, especially when traveling. Both my Fuji and Nikon bodies have single SD card slots so when I shoot RAW+JPG, both files end up on the same card.


      The challenge I'm having started when I decided I wanted to use Lightroom Mobile on my new iPad Pro. I want ONLY the JPG files - never the RAW files - imported into Photos via the SD card reader (already a painful and undesirable first step) - and then of course ONLY the JPG files imported into LR Mobile.


      When selecting the images to import to Photos, I see only one version and had no idea whether it's RAW or JPG. I found an app that reads the metadata and it appears they are RAW.


      When I then go to the next step and choose which files get imported into LR Mobile, I have a similar issue, but at least LR Mobile identifies the images as RAW files with a small "RAW" in the thumbnail - but there's no sign of JPGs.


      So my question is this: Is there any way to get only the JPG files off the SD card, either in the first step (into Photos) or the second step (from Photos to LR Mobile)? Other than not shooting RAW, of course, and other than applying a "we'll try and get it close" LR preset that tries to match what the camera created.