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    Photo Charades Game (Original - rules)

    Pamela 28 Level 1

      Lets start a new photo game. Charades. Nancy OShea  Thank you for the name idea



      1. Post 3 images of your own (captured/created) with a ONE word theme in mind. Please keep them small.
      2. Title the post 'Photo Charades Game' with your screen name in parenthesis.
      3. Mark post as a question.
      4. First person with the correct answer, mark their post as correct.
      5. Person with the correct answer (ONLY) posts 3 new images with a one word theme.

      Make it as hard or as easy as you want, but remember, in order for the game to move on, someone must guess correctly. If after a day or two, (or a lot of hint requests) no one guesses, you may give hints. Be reasonable, don't post if you are going to be off line for a long period of time. DO NOT give private hints, that's really not fair! Oh yeah, keep it work / kid safe in theme and images please.


      I'll Start: