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    PS "Cannot...because the scratch disks are full" with plenty of free space


      I have an iMac (8GB RAM/256GB SSD, macOS 10.12 fully updated) - with 216GB of free disk space.


      There are no other disks installed on this system.


      Recently, I get the scratch disks are full message when trying to use any tool in photoshop. I have purged all the scratch disks using the built in menus, validated that it is using the correct "Macintosh HD" disk in the Preferences, and verified that "Macintosh HD" has 216GB of free space.


      I have run the Mac Disk Utility's First Aid on the partition, with no errors found.


      I have restarted the computer, and photoshop several times.


      I have started Photoshop Holding Command+Option and verified the MacHD is selected as the scratch disk.


      Other programs, such as Illustrator, have no issues.


      I'm really baffled at whats going on here, any ideas?