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    There has to be a way to restore the edits of 700 photos I just accidentally removed from LR catalogue, right?

    degibox Level 1

      Please tell me that I did not just WASTE the last 24 hours of my life. I have been editing over 700 photographs since yesterday morning. I was going through them one last time to make slight adjustments and found a photo that I hadn't noticed was put of focus before so I decided to remove it. Well, I guess I had accidentally selected "select all" and send all 700 photos, edits and all, in the trash....


      Hahahahahahaha... not funny.


      So, anyway, what is the keyboard shortcut that undoes this in one second? Because there has to be one, right? I didn't just waste an entire day of my life that I won't ever get back, right?


      Can't wait to hear what button to press to make tis problem go away instantly! Thanks!