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    Windows 10 error Lightroom stopped working


      I have been reading the different forum posts for this error and am not able to resolve the issue.  I can launch Lightroom  I see the "lightroom has stopped working" window when trying to import new photo files.  I am running Windows 10 and I THINK the 2015 version of Lightroom (the About part of the program is not very clear about the version).  I was able to load photo files two days ago so this error message is JUST happening as of today (August 7th).


      I have tried:

      restarting the computer

      choosing update on Help - Updates

      disabling the graphics accelerator



      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.  I read a thread about restoring Lightroom (or something to that effect), but the key strokes recommended (Shift + Alt) do not bring up the recommended dialogue box.




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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          From the Windows Start menu, go to Windows Admin Tools, run the Event Viewer.

          In the left panel, expand "windows logs", click on "applictions"

          Scroll the center pane to find the red "! error" entry for Lightroom.

          Copy the "general" and "details" information.

          Paste them into a message for here and we will see if we can get an idea of what happened.

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            rudimyers Level 1



            Thank you for the help.  I have a ton of window logs messages (which means I need to clean it out).  I sorted by date and by source and never could find the Lightroom error entry.  I started Lightroom again in hopes that I could generate a new error (and thus actually find it) .... but Lightroom never gave me an error.  The import function actually worked.


            So, sorry to have bothered you.  I spent an hour on this before posting to the forums ...


            I am going to file this under #weird .


            Thank you again,