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    Save for Web dialog showing up transparent when attempting to save out certain layers

    Mike Yevin

      Starting this afternoon, choosing Save for Web on one of my documents is not showing the imagery visible within Photoshop - instead showing up as a completely transparent image. This problem is only happening when showing specific layers and groups, as one group within the same document has no issue saving out all layers within it.


      I've attempted to save a new PSD file, restarted both my computer (running Windows 10) and Photoshop (along with updating it to the newest version) with no fix to the issue. Interestingly enough I have no problems using the Export As.. dialog, and copying the layer information to a completely new document allows me to Save for Web just fine. It's extremely frustrating, especially considering the problem is super localized to specific groups within one document.


      I'm beginning to think I may have a slightly corrupt document of sorts, but thankfully this is the first time I've experienced the issue. Anyone else had something similar happen to them? If so, is there a fix outside of migrating all of the document content to a brand new file?


      Thanks in advance