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    Photoshop Action BATCH will not save to folder?

    abUSER23 Level 1

      I use a lot of action in my work.. and never really had a problem before.. but I tried making a simple action today and I couldn't get it to work.


      Basically all I want it to do is load every file in a folder, resize it, then same it to a different folder as a jpg. (some are PNGs)


      • I start an action recording
      • I open a file
      • I resize it
      • I save to new folder as jpg.. i use SAVE AS.


      Then I go to batch and set it up like this...




      but now every time I run the action I get a dialogue pop up asking me for a save location and file name?




      Any ideas what is going on here? I have just installed a new copy of PScs6 as I got a new computer, but I swear I have done a zillion of these kinds of action before and it always took all the files in the folder, did what I asked to them and then saved them into the new folder with the same names as they originally had.