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    Rendering Required Audio Files Insane Render Times

    Monkey King Productions

      I have recently run into this problem when I export a sequence where my audio render times (separate from the ACTUAL render) takes hours.  Even on a small 5 minute video, it takes approx. 1 hour.  My Windows-based PC is more than competent and has all drivers updated.   I am using the latest version of Premiere and have not changed my workflow in anyway.


      I've looked on other forums and tried everything but to no avail (unchecking Generate Peak file, cleaning out cache, unchecking Match Sequence settings in the export menu, starting a new project, etc).


      The only thing I have noticed with the project is that my audio files are 24 bit and the sequence is 32.  Not sure how much this affects the export but I don't think it would; it hasn't in the past.  I have attached a photo for what I am experiencing.



      Anyone else have this issue or know a fix?Photo Aug 07, 2 28 04 PM.jpg