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    Unable to run ExtractPages even from Trusted Function

    chandlerm40877356 Level 1

      I'm running Acrobat 8.31 on Windows 7 ... it's an old computer at my work

      I don't think this should be hard. I am new to both JavaScript and JavaScript on Adobe, but I know Java and VBA pretty well.

      From everything I've read, creating a trusted function and running extractPages from it should work and not be an error:


      I test my function in the Debugger by passing in this...




      (my code)

      var test123 = app.trustedFunction(function(oDoc){

           <then later>

           oDoc.extractPages(previousPage, p, "file" + p);     //previousPage and p are variables that are initialized

           <later again



      and I get this...


      "NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.

      Doc.extractPages:20:Batch undefined:Exec"



      I've have tried everything I can think of. Any idea why I would get this?