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    A suggestion for Prototyping to reduce clutter and enhance functionality.


      I've recently been playing around with how far prototyping can go.

      The reason to why I got XD was because of the amazing powerful tools and the ability to share and update designs on the fly and most of my clients are loving it.


      So I remembered an old web design that was very complex in nature with a lot of interactions and i decided to remake it coping the components to see how would it work through the wiring system given. for the first 4-10 Artboards it worked beautifully.then it started being a nuisance to work with due to the wires flying over the screen.


      It would be nice to select a main and secondary windows during prototype mode to explain what i mean lets say your home page connects to 5 different screens so you would set that up as your main screen now lets say you choose your Secondary screen then that would isolate them where you could fix any interactions between those 2 screens and when you are done with them you choose another screen as your secondary screen to enter isolation mode while the first Secondary screen gets out of isolation


      With the above feature it would be very easy to navigate through a lot more components allowing people to actually prototype and element from an Artboard to the other creating a (i.e a 3/4 screen) overlapping your Main Artboard while still maintaining some of the elements on screen and keeping a well organized wire frame.