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    Cannot complete installation of Lightroom

    help wanted!

      The installation gets hung up because "Setup wants to make changes" and rejects my Adobe password! I've changed my Adobe password twice, with no luck, tried my computer password with no luck, and phoned Adobe Support only to be put on hold for literally over an hour!


      Can anyone shed any light on this problem?


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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's your Mac OS X operating system asking for your local administrator username and password in order to make changes on your hard drive. Nothing to do with Adobe.


          I don't understand why your computer password would not be accepted unless it's not an admin password on that machine.

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            help wanted! Level 1

            John, Thank you for trying. Your response makes sense, BUT the logo that accompanies the "Setup" message is a closed lock with an Adobe logo!


            I just checked the status of my request for support from Adobe and it reads "In process with agent" and is dated 7/31/17, the day I advised Adobe that the problem had not been resolved and sent them a screen shot of my "Setup" message.


            No one from Adobe has contacted me about this, and my attempt to phone them resulted in another very long hold with no one picking up the phone.  That's when I gave up and decided to try the Forum.