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    Robohelp WebHelp Publish from Command Line - Missing Index/Linking


      I am trying to publish my Robohelp project via command line and all of the files appear to be copied to the deployment location correctly. However, when opening the index.htm page, I do not see any of the other pages in the project in the "index" section. It looks like the pages are not linked appropriately via command line. When I publish from within the Adobe Robohelp application, everything shows in the "index" section correctly.


      Here are the variations of the cmd statements I have tried running:


      rhcl "MyRoboHelpProject.xpl" -p servername

      rhcl "MyRoboHelpProject.xpl" -l "WebHelp" -p servername

      rhcl "MyRoboHelpProject.xpl" -l "WebHelp" -p servername -o PathOnServer