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    PS CC 2017 not using windows 10 display profile?

    travish86708076 Level 1

      I am PULLING my hair out over this..   New PC build, all updated drivers etc..   just got the CC..  and Lightroom, and Premier work just fine FWIW.  No issues at all.


      My display is calibrated using the i1 PRO from X-Rite, and this profile is loaded as the default in windows 10, and seems great.. 




      when I launch Photoshop!  After it loads, it reverts the color profile to something else.. and looks horrid.. so weird.  If I click on another running program (say light room) the color profile between the two programs will slowly change..   So, if I have PS open, and click into LR, then the profile slowly will go to the right setting (in LR), but then when I click back to PS.. it slowly changes back to nasty.


      Something is not right, and PS is not using the profiles like all the other applications on my PC!


      All day in google, and nothing.  I reinstalled the display drivers, I have re calibrated to a new profile, and I have shut down anything else that could possible interfere with this.  I am at a loss..


      HELP!  :-)