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    color shift upon import


      I am shooting with a Canon 5d mkII.  I have it set on standard color profile and have a custom white balance adjustment where the shots look good on my screen.

      Upon downloading into Lightroom the photos match the screen for about a second and then turn a blue green. This color also shows up in the raw develop mode.

      It is so far off color that that I can't correct it. I have went from adobe standard to the camera calibration mode with no success. I have done several searches on this problem and they all talk about how the jpeg preview is going to be different from the raw and I get that, but I have't seen anything about the raw changing color also.

      Thanks for you help

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Upon first loading, Lightroom shows you the embedded jpeg preview that is present inside every raw file written by your camera. After a few seconds, it will replace this with the actual rendering using your default settings from the actual raw data. This rendering will ONLY match if you use the camera standard profile as default in Lightroom and if your default settings in Lightroom are all zeroed out. You also need to have the camera at default settings, so no highlight priority or other HDR-like modes. My guess would be that you have some default defined for this camera. What you want to do is to go into Lightroom's preferences, go to the presets tab and hit the "reset all default Develop settings". Then you want to go to one of your 5d mk II files, and hit reset on Develop. Now ONLY change the profile to "camera standard" in the calibration section of Develop and hold alt/option and the reset button will change into "Set Default..." Hit this and from now on, new imports and older imports that you reset will render very close to the jpeg preview.