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    Auto-reordering numbers on divider pages


      Hi All,


      I have a template that we use for documents, and in it I've set up several master pages for people to use as dividers between parts. Those pages have big numbers on them in the middle of the page (01, 02, 03). How can I make it so that if people reorder the pages, the numbers will automatically change to be correct?


      I want the page numbering to be continuous throughout the document. So a page might be page 53, but if it's the 6th divider page someone has used in the document, it will say "53" in the corner where the page number is, and "06" as the big number in the middle of the page.


      I know how to use special characters to put a page number, and I know how to use text variables, would either of those be the answer?


      Does this all make sense? How can I do this?



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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          It took me a while to test this out, but it will work using the instructions in post below. There are three subheadings in the document—skip the first one, and follow the steps for list numbering, and then the steps for master pages. When all is said and done, if you move these sections around, they will renumber automatically.


          InDesign CCss_019.png


          For simplicity's sake, I did this with the A-Master. Of course, you will want to use a custom master for the dividers. Put the auto-number on the master page, assign the master to each of the divider pages. (I color-coded the pages so that you can follow their movement.) Initially, all will use 01.

          InDesign CCss_016.png

          On each divider page, Ctrl+SH or Cmd+SH click the frame to override it. At that point, the numbers update.

          InDesign CCss_017.png

          And, when you drag the spreads around, the numbers will update automatically.

          InDesign CCss_018.png

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            chosking Level 1

            Thank you, this is a useful answer! I will wait to see if any others in the community have other solutions, if not I will use this!

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              Sounds good! I'm curious to see what else what others come with as well. I initially headed down the path of using section markers but it wasn't an automatic update when they are in a single file.


              Enjoy your evening,