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    Adobe Animate CC Cannot Import Certain MP3 Files


      I am just getting the ropes of Animate, and one of the problems I've had with it is a very finicky audio import system. All of the time, it will accept .WAV files. However, if I include a piece of .MP3 audio from Audacity, it opens a dialogue box stating that it couldn't import the audio. I've tried changing bit rates, checked the properties of the audio files, changed audio channels, and rates of the audio (Fast, medium, etc.). I never got consistent results. And yet, when I record a 1-second piece of audio of me saying a single word, "Hi"(Under the same parameters), it imports! I don't understand what is my mistake,if it is my own fault at all, and i can't even seem to find anyone with the same problem as me, either on these forums or even the internet.