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    Color Printing Issues - HP Envy 7640




      I've recently bought an HP Envy 7640 e all in one printer and I've had zero luck printing anything out of photoshop that resembles actual colors from a calibrated screen.  I've used a range of paper, including HPs own photo papers and nothing works.  The dark areas are too dark, the reds are too right the tonal shifts of blues are are not there.  It's becoming a nightmare, as a well as a waste of paper and ink, to continually test print images.


      Searching around and I can't even seem to find icc profiles that relate to this printer or HP papers.  Lighter images seem to be much better but still, printing a color image that somewhat resembles the original shouldn't be so hot or miss.


      I've checked on the HP support desk and zero luck.  Any assistance to point me in the right direction that might allow relatively accurate prints via this HP Envy 7640 would be greatly appreciated.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You probably can't use icc profiles with this printer (or they would be installed with the printer driver). HP is notorious for reducing customer options, instead they insist on letting the product think for you...


          In this case you need to set Photoshop's Print dialog to "let the printer manage color". The default is to "let Photoshop manage color", so you need to go in and change it.


          Then open the printer driver (Print Settings) and choose paper quality and so on the normal way.

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