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    socket between JAVA and AS3

      Hi all,
      I am trying to develop a multi player game using FLEX as the GUI and pure JAVA
      as the server. i want to use a message CLASS between client and server.
      some thing like: http://www.fireleg.com/

      but i want that the communication layer will be a CLASS and not String.

      so I am trying to transfer a CLASS between AS3 and JAVA with no success.
      i am using IExternalizable and Externalizable (readExternal,writeExternal)
      and i am getting: StreamCorruptedException.

      I working on it with no success and i wounder if there is a working example for that.
      only 4 classes needed:
      AS: client.as , message.as
      JAVA: server.java , message.java

      i do not mind using AMF3 as long as i can see a working example.

      thank you
      gil michlin