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    My audio plays too fast


      hello, i m korean student who using Adobe After Effects

      i was making a PV so i need music. i put the music(mp3) in composition.

      then it plays so fast, like tape rolls fast. I did all of music in my laptop, all music works like that.

      i can't use music in AE ... what should i do?

      i re-render mp3 to WAV. but it doesn't work well. i had same problem in WAV.

      One more thing, i set-up the composition time '00;00;10;00'.

      i think it means 10 second, right? at my timeline 스크린샷 2017-08-08 오후 2.18.19.png

      i didn't set-up in FRAME. My friend's AE timeline shows '1s 2s 3s ... '

      WHY does like that ?


      sorry for bad english speaking, but i hope u guys plz help me



      한국에서 에프터이팩트를 사용하는 학생입니다.

      PV를 만들기 위해 음악파일을 사용해야하는데, 음악파일을 컴포지션에 집어넣으면 테이프를 빨리감기 한것처럼 재생이 됩니다.

      혹시나 싶어 제 맥북에 있는 노래를 모두 집어넣어봤지만 다 똑같았습니다.

      mp3형식에서 WAV로 재렌더링도 해봤지만 mp3형식이건 WAV형식이건 똑같이 빨리감기로 들립니다

      또 한가지, 10초를 설정하게 되면 1s 2s 3s 라고 타임라인에 표시되는데 제 타임라인에는 저렇게 f로 설정이 됩니다

      8bpc에서 프레임으로 설정해둔것도 아닌데... 왜 그럴까요

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Cropped screenshots don't tell us much. Check comp settings and frame rates. Make sure you understand the After Effect user interface and preview functions by reading the help files.


          If you can not figure it out please select your composition in the Project Panel so we can see the settings, select the layers that are giving you problems in the timeline and press the U key twice to reveal all modified properties, then printScreen and paste to the forum so we can see a complete screenshot. Also give us the specifications of your audio file. WAV files work best in After Effects. The standard for video production is 48KHZ 16bit PCM uncompressed stereo. MP3's are not a good idea.

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            정민윤18830132 Level 1

            Thanks for anwsering me i will add more detail screenshots when i back to home.


            I tried to WAV files, but it doesn't work. WAV files played fast like MP3 files.

            I will try again with re-render to WAV. I hope it works.

            Anyway, i really thanks to you.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Also, please take screenshots of your audio hardware preferences.

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Hi 정민 윤,

                Sorry for this issue. Did you ever find a solution? Please let us know if you have or if you still need help.




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                  정민윤18830132 Level 1

                  YES. I STILL NEED HELP


                  Also, all of my Adobe program has problems.

                  After Effects : TOO FAST Audio play

                  Premiere Pro : JUST ONE file can take video&audio at same time. Second file can't take audio file.

                                          In preview, i can hear the audio. but, when i took the clip in timeline? ONLY video clip shows.

                                          audio clip is gone. WHY!


                  I'm using CC 2018 right now. it updated today. i m so desperate..... plz help me

                  and i m not good at eng so when u explain for me, can u take a video for me?