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    Flash 9 Crashing browsers

      Hello i am having a bit of an issue with some flash apps produced in Flex 3 and Flash 9. the issue only seems to be happening on Windows IE and Firefox, a client reported the following error:

      Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with an add-on & needs to close. File: Flash93.ocx.
      on the following website: http://ctparenting.com

      I also was recieving a similar error saying
      the plug-in has performed an illegal operation and must close

      On this particular site i was using the papervision3d frame work, again only on Firefox and IE on Windows.

      Both sites work fine on Mac in both Firefox and IE.

      Any thoughts? I am having trouble reproducing the error on ctparenting.com even on some PC's, but i have been able to replicate the papervision error easily and am not as concerned with that one, as the site is not live.

      Thanks in advance for any help!