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    Migrating from Capture One


      I'm looking to migrate from Capture One to Lightroom.  I'd appreciate advice on the best way to retain as much data and as many adjustments from my images in Capture One as possible.  Exporting images from Capture One as TIFFs seems the best option based on my research so far, but if there's a way to migrate RAW or DNG files to Lightroom without losing all adjustments that would be better.  Thanks.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes tiff would seem to be the best bet. Lightroom and Capture One use their own proprietary raw conversion engines; so DNGs exported from Capture could be problematic when imported into Lightroom. You could try PSD which should provide a more efficient container and file size. I would suggest doing a couple of test imports into Lightroom before you start moving everything.